Cleaning up Our Backyard

Today, by and large and large the residential and commercial adoption of renewable of energy efficiency technologies is mainly about energy cost reduction. In the longer term however it can be argued that its about establishing a roadmap towards sustainability…

The Climate Institute published research in June 2018, on the back of 2,660 respondents from across Australia. 71% agreed to climate change was occurring. No doubt contentious in some quarters, although the discussion at large can be pointed to be “economically smart” and future focused.

Today, Solar PV and a number of energy efficiency related technologies offer payacks between 2-5 Years – Cheaper than grid derived power.

Many companies in Australia are waking up to this with the adoption of technologies such as; Solar PV, Power Factor Correction (PFC) and Voltage Optimisation (VO) which are being adopted in ever-increasing quantities.

There is no question that the energy mix has got more complicated. The reality is however that residences and companies that are experiencing Bill Shock are being coerced into better understanding about their electricity bills and what they are actually paying for.

While around 13% of people do not believe climate change is happening at all, the reality is that burning and consumption of fossil fuels has contributed over the last 150 years to the increase in carbon in the atmosphere. There is some seriously abnormal events occurring at both ends of the climate spectrum.

Consider this – If you were to board an aircraft and 8 out 10 aircraft technicians said don’t get on as the aircraft is dangerous – would you get on? Currently a similar ratio exists for climate scientists who are objectively providing us with a range of facts about what is currently occurring to the environment globally.

Australia is a fragile envirnomnent and we have suffered severe problems in the past to our fragile agricultural environment, through the ills of over stocking and the introduction of pests e.g. rabbits which together have caused up to 30+ percent erosion of our soils and a parallel reduction of productivity in our country. Should we continue to add to the ills – if in our hands to do reduced the impact of a changing climate?

While the politicians are fighting about it, they are not getting on with solving it through constructive policy setting… Even just on the basis of cleaning up our backyard with aim of providing a foundation for the next generation(s)….

Richard Martin, Managing Dir, AEES Group

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