Strategic Corporate Energy Management Solutions

AEES Group and its subsidiary Acacia Energy provide two levels of savings on your electricity bill.

Firstly during daylight hours through the use of solar electricity and secondly through the use of Gensets and batteries to manage demand, grid transient’s which can interrupt processing operations and access to the wholesale electricity market.

We have advanced modelling technology which works with your specific site to model straight forward strategies which provide significant savings giving you control of your electricity speed.

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Make energy savings business-as-usual

The energy market is evolving, and corporations are looking for ways to make smarter, sustainable energy choices that will have a big impact on their bottom line. We deliver customised energy solutions to help you:

Reduce your long-term energy demand

Achieve your greenhouse emission goals

Access government grants and energy incentives

By implementing smarter technology and demand choices across the board, we can help your business boost your operational efficiency for the long term. Contact us today to discuss a customised energy solution for your organisation.

De Bortoli Winery

"AEES delivered a very innovative solution on a difficult north facing terrain coming off our car-park.  They managed to design and deliver an outcome which looks fantastic and is eliminated our peak energy consumption for the restaurant which we are loving."

Leanne De Bortoli, Director

Energy Consulting

Improve your energy efficiency with data-driven modelling

Improving your organisation’s energy efficiency starts with understanding your use. Our team works with you to understand your energy use and supply, and use intelligent modelling to determine where you can use your energy in the most efficient way.

Gain access to the right funding

Our specialists are experienced in providing the support and guidance your business needs to prepare and lodge applications to gain access to government funding required to implement your energy efficiency projects.

Renewable Energy

Bringing your renewable energy projects to life

We work with you from start to finish to ensure your renewable energy projects become a reality, so your organisation enjoys the long-term benefits of reduced energy demand, bottom-line savings, lowered emissions, and an improved corporate profile.

Using solar phovoltic and battery storage power to protect and take control of your business electricity speed.

Solar PV is a crucial building block in your energy management strategy. We help you implement this technology to reduce your energy demand across the board, and protect your business against future price rises.

A roadmap for a low-carbon future

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to reducing your emissions and energy costs, so we create a tailored roadmap for your business that enables you to invest in renewable energy strategies that are appropriate for your needs.


Commercial Installations

Management Experience

Average Energy Savings

Demand Management

Take advantage of new technology

Energy management technology is constantly advancing, and managing your organisation’s energy demand isn’t a linear process. We help you understand the demand management opportunities available to your business now, and for the future, and how to effectively implement these across your operations.

Initiatives tailored to your goals

Whether it’s switching your lighting options or deploying a battery storage solution, we then develop an energy management system that’s built to limit the impact of demand charges based on the goals identified by your business.

Maintenance & Reporting

Complete project support and monitoring

We ensure that your business’s energy saving strategies are implemented accurately and effectively, regardless of the size of your organisation. Our solutions include ongoing energy monitoring and reporting to guarantee you continue to realise the benefits of your plan, and you can take advantage of advances of technology in the future.

Always online

Any downtime in your technology, no matter how small, has a big impact on your energy use. Our experienced project teams provide regular inspection and analysis of your energy solutions, ensuring that your technology and processes are always operating as efficiently as possible, and limits your downtime.

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AEES Group are a leading end to end energy management company with renewable products.
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Life of System Monitoring and Performance Reporting available to all customers. We’ll support you for the life of our journey together.
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Innovative Industry Leader with Renewable Design & Engineering Knowlede Specific to Australian Conditions.
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Accounting Grade Financial Analysis & Modelling. Cost Benefit Analysis Tool endorsed by the Big 4 Banks. 10 Year Performance G’tee.
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Forecasted enery cost reduction of at least 30% or greater for your business. See how much you can save.
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With over 140 commercial and large-scale customers, Aees Group have a combined 15years experience.

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Develop an Energy Cost Reduction and Sustainability Roadmap

If you'd like us to design and implement an energy cost reduction strategy for your business that could save up to 40% without any upfront investment, then get in touch with us today.

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