GreenSync’s Decentralised Energy Exchange opening for business

A Melbourne-based, industry-leading effort to harness and manage Australia’s booming behind-the-meter energy resource has begun in earnest last week, with GreenSync’s Decentralised Energy Exchange, or deX, officially opening for business.

The deX, as outlined at its public launch just over a year ago, is a an open exchange where energy capacity from distributed resources like rooftop solar and battery storage can be traded between businesses, households, communities and utilities.

As the media pack explains, deX Connect does this by giving distributed energy resources (DER) access to open markets via a single (fleet-wide) integration via their technology provider.

All told, deX will represent more than 70 per cent of Australia’s solar and storage inverter market with eight new partners including Wattwatchers, Enphase Energy, Sungrow, SwitchDin, Blue Pillar, Fronius, Goodwe and Solar Analytics joining the platform – Tesla was already long-since signed up.

This integration connects millions of DER, says GreenSync, including Virtual Power Plants (VPPs), inverters, battery storage systems, monitoring solutions and other ‘behind the meter’ products, enabling tradable energy services and expanding the reach of existing VPPs.

By Sophie Vorath on 25th October 2018

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