NEG Modelling Disbelief

Outrage has erupted in political and energy market circles over the failure of the federal government to produce any detailed modelling for the controversial National Energy Guarantee.

There has been widespread disbelief about the claims of the Energy Security Board used to justify the NEG – particularly its claims that wind and solar and large-scale battery storage investment would simply come to a halt for most of the next decade, with or without the NEG, and that the NEG could somehow reduce bills by a further $150 a year.

The Coalition government has been under pressure to release the detailed assumptions that backed the modelling, and was ordered to do so by the Senate on Monday.

“There is nothing new (in this document),” said Ric Brazzale of Green Energy Markets. “This is quite extraordinary. States are being railroaded into accepting the detailed design without thorough assessment – it’s unheard of for such an important policy intervention.”

The Greens, which led the call for the release of the modelling, along with a group of more than 20 independent energy analysts, said it confirmed what was feared.

Reproduced from an article from Giles Parkinson – 14 Aug 2018

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