Austco Polar Cold Storage – 450 kW

Established in 1987, Austco Polar Cold Storage is an Australian owned and operated temperature controlled storage facility. Due to the nature of cold storage operation, inherent to the business is high energy consumption and costs.

By using Sunpower P19 390W solar modules net energy savings are forecast to be 35% to 40%. Additional infrastructure includes standby FG Wilson 700kVA Genset which is fully synchronised to both solar PV and Grid to maintain uninterrupted power supply to all critical loads.

Through other projects in collaboration with AEES Group, parent company Wingara Ag (ASX: WNR) are expecting an approximate reduction in total net energy consumption of between 30% to 40% from a total of 5.925 MW of installed solar capacity. This includes the 275 kW JC Tanloden solar PV installation.

Solution Details 

Location: Laverton North, VIC
Solar System Size: 450 kWp
Roof Fixing Method: Flat and Tilt mounted
Technology: 390W Sunpower P19 Modules / SolarEdge 3 Phase Inverters / 700kVA FG Wilson P700E1 GenSet
Monitoring Annual Energy Production: 630 MWh
Annual Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction: 660 Metric Tonnes of CO2

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