DLS Kitchens

DLS Kitchens – 42 kWp PV

“DLS Kitchens” is a kitchen cabinetry manufacturer and installer in Cranbourne West, Victoria. They approached AEES Group to help “future proof” their electricity costs as they were experiencing rapid expansion of their business. In the first year post installation, DLS Kitchens saved over $15,000 on their electricity bills and are due to fully pay back their investment in yet 3.5 years. DLS Kitchens renewable solution annually offsets 14,600 metric tonnes of C02 into the atmosphere which is the equivalent of 640 trees planted each year.

Roof Mounted Solar Panels

Solution Details 

Location: Cranbourne West, Victoria
System Size: 42 kWp
Roof Fixing Method: Roof Mounted Solar PV
Technology: 380W Jinko Solar Modules with 25-year performance warranty; Solar Edge Three Phase Inverter + Live Online Monitoring
Annual Energy Production: 54 MWh
Annual Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction: 14,600 metric tonnes of CO2

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