Reduce your SME energy costs—for good

Get proven strategies to reduce your energy use, increase your bottom line, and make smarter choices for the future

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Reduce your energy spend by 35% p.a.

We make it easy for small-to-medium businesses to manage your energy use, with end-to-end strategies that will ensure you reduce your energy costs—for good. You receive:

An energy management plan that’s customised for your business

Sustainable cost-reduction strategies for your business’ future

An experienced team working with you throughout the entire process

Get in touch with us today to discuss how your tailored energy management plan will help your business reduce its energy use by up to 35%, now and for the future.

De Bortoli Winery

"AEES delivered a very innovative solution on a difficult north facing terrain coming off our car-park.  They managed to design and deliver an outcome which looks fantastic and is eliminated our peak energy consumption for the restaurant which we are loving."

Leanne De Bortoli, Director

Energy Consulting

Optimise your energy use

We start from the beginning with an energy consumption assessment. This determines where your business can make more effective choices to reduce your expenses and increase your profitability.

Expert advice

With over 50 years’ experience in the energy industry, our expert team has been there as the energy market has evolved. We use this proven experience to help businesses like yours put proven strategies in place to reduce your energy use, and make smarter choices for their future.

Renewable Energy

We help you demystify the process

Renewable energy doesn’t have to be a mystery. We help you understand the value in the renewable market, and what your business can do to work towards reducing your carbon emissions.

Understand your tailored approach

Change comes with understanding, so we help you understand your business’ current emissions impact, and what this means for your bottom line. We then develop a tailored strategy to work towards your emission reduction goals.

Performance, guaranteed

We stand by our solutions: that’s our guarantee. We use accurate and on-demand monitoring, maintenance, and thorough reporting to ensure that your renewable energy solution continues to deliver the kWh reduction to your business’ use—and bottom line—we promised.


Commercial Installations

Management Experience

Average Energy Savings

Demand Management

Receive a comprehensive demand audit

Reducing your business’ energy demand starts with a comprehensive demand audit. We undertake an analysis to understand where your electrical use occurs, and when. This data allows us to determine exactly where your use could be more effectively managed, so your business reduces its demand.

Delivering strategies for the future

Reducing your business’ demand is a long-term plan. We help you put real, tangible processes in place to reduce the demand your business puts on the electricity network, using adaptive methods that evolve as technology does.

Maintenance & Reporting

Ongoing maintenance and support

Reducing your energy use and spend relies on your technology operating at optimal capacity. To achieve this, we provide ongoing maintenance and support to ensure the strategies we deploy continue to work as efficiently as possible.

Understand your use with comprehensive reporting

We provide comprehensive reporting on your energy consumption and spend so you can see the difference your energy reduction strategies are making. You can use this to model future results, and put plans in place to make future changes as your demand increases.

Why AEES Group?

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Proudly Australian

AEES Group are a leading end to end energy management company with renewable products.
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Value Relationships

Life of System Monitoring and Performance Reporting available to all customers. We’ll support you for the life of our journey together.
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Eco Solutions

Innovative Industry Leader with Renewable Design & Engineering Knowlede Specific to Australian Conditions.
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Savings from Day 1

Accounting Grade Financial Analysis & Modelling. Cost Benefit Analysis Tool endorsed by the Big 4 Banks. 10 Year Performance G’tee.
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Zero Net Carbon Goal

Forecasted enery cost reduction of at least 30% or greater for your business. See how much you can save.
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Commercial Experience

With over 140 commercial and large-scale customers, Aees Group have a combined 15years experience.

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If you'd like us to design and implement an energy cost reduction strategy for your business that could save up to 40% without any upfront investment, then get in touch with us today.

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