Victorian Solar Homes Package

The restructured Solar Homes Package by the Victorian State Government will be reopened on July 1st, 2019. Several changes to the existing solar PV rebate will be implemented on this date, as well as the offering of new rebates and schemes.

There will be a limit of 3,333 solar PV rebates available per month for owner-occupiers, with an additional 166 rebates reserved for renters/landlords. From July 1st, an interest-free loan will also be available to eligible householders, equivalent to the amount of the solar PV rebate offered.

A $4,838 battery rebate is also being introduced, with a total of 1,000 rebates available in 2019-20. This rebate is being piloted with an initial release of only 200 rebates between July – October, available to eligible households within selected regions. Eligible postcodes for this release are given below. Additionally, the homeowner must have an existing solar PV system of at least 5kW. After the initial release period, Solar Victoria will revise the requirements of this rebate.

Eligible postcodes: 3024, 3038, 3048, 3059, 3064, 3106, 3212, 3217, 3218, 3226, 3228, 3351, 3377, 3467, 3752, 3754, 3936, 3939, 3941, 3942, 3943, 3944, 3977, 3978

Only one rebate under the package is available per owner-occupier, so a homeowner who has already received the solar PV rebate is not eligible for the battery rebate.

For additional information regarding the package and eligibility, please contact us or visit the Solar Victoria website:



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