Energy Storage – How we do it differently

Reduce your energy spend by 35% p.a.

The energy market is changing rapidly and businesses need to be confident they are making the right decisions.

From early stage feasibility and detailed cost-benefit analyses to optimising storage assets performance, our approach is to provide expert advice aimed at returning the greatest value from your investment.

AEES Group delivers unparalleled insights and services built on lessons learned from more than 6 years of energy storage experience and over 10 years of Commercial & Industrial (C&I) energy sector knowledge.

As a result, we offer no obligation design services focused on providing the right technology and outcomes for your project.

Energy Storage Technology

Use us to Demystify Differing Technology

Applying 21st Century Technology to a 20th century grid: Using the latest technology we analyse and design systems to keep business driving.

We apply rigorous data analysis which enables flexibility when assessing a sites needs.

We have resolved manufacturing and processing issues relating to grid disturbances through to securing new revenue streams including; network demand response and the wholesale spot market

Storage Cost Benefit Analysis

How To Identify Savings

Identify and resolve site issues and opportunities with our comprehensive services delivery.

From early stage feasibility and cost-benefit analyses to ensuring optimal performance of your energy storage assets, we provide the expert advice and services to take your business forward.

Storage Business Consulting

Multiple Levels of Professional Service

The energy storage industry is a fast-moving target, and it can seem hard to keep up. Our consulting services are designed to bring you the information and insights you need to keep pace with an evolving market.

Our consulting services include:

  • Cost-Benefit and Business Case Analysis
  • Project Sizing and Configuration
  • Industry and Technology Benchmarking
  • System Reliability Analysis


Commercial Installations

Management Experience

Average Energy Savings

Storage & Renewables

Check the performance of your solar and battery system, and keep an eye on your energy bill – wherever you are. Available in the AGL Energy App or My Account.

Take Control of your Energy Costs

Our service provides additional revenue otherwise not available by putting the battery storage to work

All our sites enable earning through our Virtual Power Plant (VPP) program.

Monitor and control Power Usage

Load Shifting, Peak Demand Management are essential tools available to reduce the impost of Network Demand costs

12-Year extendable warranties allow transparency on all technology

Let the Savings Pay for the Equipment

Using low cost finance – Let the savings made from the electricity bill pay for the technology.

Provide a hedge against future price rises.

Revenue Opportunities

Identifying New Ways To Earn Revenue


Seamlessly connect and disconnect from the network.

Energy storage enables you to island from the network as needed by instantaneously switching between grid power and your own reserves.
Energy storage can store your local generation for dispatch when it’s needed.

Co-locating renewables with storage lets the business capture the solar generated and dispatch it when it’s needed. You are no longer forced to use it or lose it.

Why AEES Group?

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Proudly Australian

AEES Group are a leading end to end energy management company with renewable products.
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Value Relationships

Life of System Monitoring and Performance Reporting available to all customers. We’ll support you for the life of our journey together.
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Eco Solutions

Innovative Industry Leader with Renewable Design & Engineering Knowlede Specific to Australian Conditions.
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Savings from Day 1

Accounting Grade Financial Analysis & Modelling. Cost Benefit Analysis Tool endorsed by the Big 4 Banks. 10 Year Performance G’tee.
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Zero Net Carbon Goal

Forecasted enery cost reduction of at least 30% or greater for your business. See how much you can save.
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Commercial Experience

With over 140 commercial and large-scale customers, Aees Group have a combined 15years experience.

Reduce My Energy Costs

Develop an Energy Cost Reduction and Sustainability Roadmap

If you'd like us to design and implement an energy cost reduction strategy for your business that could save up to 40% without any upfront investment, then get in touch with us today.

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