Andrew Peace Wines (DRI) – 375 kW

Andrew Peace Wines – 375 kW

Being one of Australia’s largest family-owned wineries, Andrew Peace Wines is committed to both expansion of their export operations as well as reducing their energy cost. AEES designed and coordinated a number of supply partners for participation in AEMO’s Demand Response Initiative (DRI).  This program automates the dispatch of grid derived electricity load at critical times as determined by AEMO via the use of a biofuel enabled standby Genset.  Partners in this innovative program included; Greensync, EnergyAustralia, Program Logistics Control (PLC) and Renewable Baseload Generators (RPG). Significant earnings have been achieved with over 16 hours of dispatch at upwards of $14,000 per megawatt hour.

The winery has also invested heavily into renewable energy with an existing 200 kW system now complemented with a further 375 kWsystem installed by AEES using Sunpower’s P-19 390W modules. The combined systems will offset over 760 Metric Tonnes of CO2 and over 20% of the wineries electricity consumption.

AEES used Sunpower P-19 390 watt modules coupled with SolarEdge DC Optimisation with the aim of maximising system production, with a 25-Year Change out back-to-back warranty.


Solution Details 

Location: Piangil, VIC
Solar System Size: 375 kWp
Fixing Method: Roof mounted, north facing
Technology: 390 watt SunPower Smart Modules / SolarEdge 3-Phase Inverters /DC Optmisation supporting Individual Module monitoring and maintenance
Annual Energy Production: 553 MWh
Annual Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction: 592 Metric Tonnes of CO2

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