Boosey Creek Dairy – 150 kW

Boosey Creek Dairy – 100 kW + 44kW

Boosey Creek Dairy, located in Boosey, Victoria is a dairy plant that prides themselves on their organic products. Having a sustainable energy source for their production was a natural progression to improve the quality of the product and solidify their organic certification while also positively impacting their environmental footprint. Boosey Creek Dairy approached AEES Group with two major business operations that needed to be renewably powered: their Dairy Operations building and their water pumping station.

AEES Groups renewable solution for Boosey Creek dairy included two solar installations, 44kW of roof mounted solar on the dairy operations building and 100kW of ground mounted solar adjacent to the water pumping station. Since installation, the system has produced and impressive 98% of the required energy for the water pumping station and 1/3 of the dairy operations building.


Solution Details 

Location: Boosey, Victoria
Solar System Size: 100 kWp + 44kWp
Roof Fixing Method: Dairy Operations: Flush mounted to roof. Pumping Station: Indicative Ground Mount
Technology: Sumec Phono Solar modules/ YLM Cell multi-busbar Solar Modules +Solar Edge 3 phase inverters + DC power optimisers
Annual Energy Production: Dairy Operations: 48MWh Pumping Station: 100MWh
Annual Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction: Dairy Operations: 19 metric tones of CO2 Pumping Station: 79 metric tones of C02

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