Casey Aquatics & Recreation Centre (ARC) – 340 kW

Casey Aquatics & Recreation Centre (ARC) – 340 kWp Solar PV System

The City of Casey and the YMCA The $3.47 million project included a total roof replacement, upgrading the 100kWp Solar to 340kWp to reduce the carbon footprint, and reduce the energy cost to the building. AEES Group was contracted to install the system to reduce reduce the cost of; heating, water pumps, 24 x 7 air conditioning as well as the operations during business hours such as lighting, facility cafes and shops.

The installation has achieved a 30+ percent contribution daily to its energy usage and has already offset 75,700 metric tons of CO2 since its installation in June 2021. This works out to the equivalent of planting over 2,200 trees.

Casey ARC building


Solution Details 

Location: Narre Warren, Victoria
Solar System Size: 340 kWp
Roof Fixing Method: Roof Mounted
Technology: Sunpower Performance series PERC Solar Modules + Solar Edge 3 Phase Inverters + DC Optimisers
Monitoring Annual Energy Production: 192.19MWh (since install, not full year yet)
Annual Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction: 75,700 metric tons (since install not full year yet)

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