Claredale Motors

Claredale Motors – 10 kW PV

Opened in 1975, Claredale Motors has been providing quality automotive repairs for customers in Dandenong and throughout Melbourne’s outer eastern suburbs for over 40 years. Claredale Motors approached AEES Group for a solution that would completely offset their daily energy usage to ensure maximum savings and to decrease carbon emissions as much as possible.
AEES Group installed 10kW of PV on the factory roof that regularly sees the sun hours completely support business operations.

AEES Group have also since worked with Claredale Motors to review their energy usage habits to try and pull all high energy consuming business into solar-optimal hours to reduce grid energy use to an absolute minimum.

This installation is offsetting 3,209 metric tonnes of carbon (co2) per year into the atmosphere, which is the equivalent of planting 96 trees per year.

Claredale Motors Solar



Solution Details 

Location: Dandenong, Victoria
System Size: 10 kW
Roof Fixing Method: Roof Mounted Solar PV
Technology:310W Smart Modules with integrated power DC Power Optimisers + Solar Edge Three Phase Inverter + Live Online Monitoring
Annual Energy Production: 12 MWh
Annual Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction: 3,209 metric tonnes of CO2

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