Indigenous Australian Community Power Project

Indigenous Community Power Project

In partnership with Victorian Government and EVO Power, AEES Group have been working to help transition Indigenous Australian community buildings throughout Victoria to renewable energy, while also increasing energy self-sufficiency. AEES Group was approached to design and implement a renewable energy solution that increases the energy self-sufficiency of the community buildings that also offers a back-up power supply.

The AEES Group solution included rooftop Solar PV with an integrated EVO Power battery storage system that works to lower the community building’s environmental impact and offer back-up power supply. The back-up power supply assists with fire-safety plans and other emergency situations as many of the buildings included in the project are in rural areas where being energy self-sufficient is important due to unreliable power supply. These projects were funded by a Victorian Government grant program, Traditional Owners Renewable Energy Program (TOREP).



Solution Details 

Location: Various Sites including Healesville, Ballarat & Ballan
Solar System Size: 50kW+ and counting over the various sites
Fixing Method: Roof Mounted
Technology: Phono Solar PV Modules, Fronius Solar Inverter, EVO Power Prime 3 Energy Storage System

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