Lanyon Supermarket – 250kWp

Lanyon Supermarket – 250kWp

Lanyon Marketplace is a shopping centre located in Conder, Canberra with costly business operations like air conditioning. The shopping centre also had to consider their retailers and their business operations, like cold storage. Lanyon Marketplace was interested in impacting their triple bottom line – environmental, social and financial – when considering investing in renewable energy. AEES Group’s renewable solution met Lanyon Marketplace’s goal of lowering their shopping centre’s impact on the environment, while also offering lower electricity bills to both the centre and then therefore, their retailers.

AEES Group’s renewable solution saw 250kW of solar installed onto the roof at Lanyon Marketplace that sees over 77 MW hours of energy produced annually. This installation offsets 30 metric tonnes of CO2 which is the equivalent of planting 910 trees per year!



Solution Details 

Location: Conder, ACT
System Size: 350 kWp
Roof Fixing Method: Roof mounted system
Technology: Phono Solar Twin Plus Solar Modules +Solar Edge Synergy 2 phase inverter + DC Power Optimisers
Annual Energy Production: 77.85MWh
Annual Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction: 30 metric tonnes of C02

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