Noumi Ltd (Freedom Foods) – 3.8 MW

The 3.8 MWp solar system for Noumi Ltd was completed in early 2020. This represents a landmark commercial behind the meter solar installation in Australia, which includes an iconic 500kW Tesla battery to supply facility critical loads, in addition to ABB PVS-175 solar inverters. This is the first project with ABB PVS-175 inverters installed in Australia and one of the largest PVS-175 projects globally so far. 2MVA of Voltage Optimisation (VO) was installed with the aim of improving power quality to the UHT operations.


Solution Details 

Location: Shepparton, VIC
Solar System Size: 3.8 MWp
Fixing Method: Rooftop, combined flush and tilt mounted
Technology: 380 watt Phono Solar PERC TwinPlus modules / ABB PVS-175-TL inverters (first time deployed in Australia)
Annual Energy Production: 5.36 GWh
Annual Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction: 5,470 Metric Tonnes of CO2

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